Freeform sprang
Sprang - a very old technique
Sprang is a very old braiding technique which is done with stretched yarns. Usually this is done within a frame. There are other sites with information about the history of sprang. If you are interested in it you can go to this page of "Den Blauwen Swaen".
At the same website you can also find the basic information about how to start spranging.

I myself have also now a You Tube channel about sprang. You can find me at You Tube as Sprangria. 
This video of me is about how to prepare for sprang.
I have also made a video about some of the frames you can use for sprang, including a very simply one, made of cardboard. There are many more video's of me about the technique of sprang and I am still adding to it.

Carol James has also very good instructional videos about the technique of sprang at her website. See also this video from her at You Tube.
Sylva Antony Cekalová has made another very interesting website about sprang.
I also like to recommend you the site of my Japanese friend Chieko Aihara. Her artistic way of making sprang is very inspirational to me.

There is also a group about sprang now at Facebook.
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